LPAPA Membership (Artists)


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We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the new members who have joined LPAPA and to our loyal members renewing their membership. LPAPA is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit art organization that serves its members through education, exhibitions, and sale opportunities, and helps to raise funds for LPAPA’s education, enrichment, community out reach programs, and collaboration with other nonprofit organizations.  Today LPAPA has a membership of over 500 artists and supporters, with a member artist in nearly every U.S. State plus members in nine foreign countries.

LPAPA’s mission is dedicated to promoting the plein air painting tradition
and preserving Laguna’s artistic legacy.

When you join LPAPA, you become part of the tradition and legacy!

Join as a LPAPA Artist Member:  $90

Artist membership is open to all artists at all experience levels and all painting mediums.

LPAPA Signature Membership Renewal: $175

Signature Membership is reserved for a select group of artists
who have been juried into this level of professional designation by
LPAPA’s renowned authorities on Impressionism and plein air art.

Join as a LPAPA Student Member: $45

Student membership is opened to students currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution.

Join as a LPAPA Supporter Member: $50 (individual) $100 (business/org)

Love to support LPAPA’s Mission and Education Programs? Join as a Supporter Member and
receive an official LPAPA “Artistic License” plus Supporter Member benefits
(Artist Members can add benefits by  joining as Supporter Members too!)

 Click here for LPAPA Membership details.

Thank you for your membership support and becoming part of LPAPA’s mission and history in preserving Laguna’s plein air painting heritage, and helping us to provide opportunities that that enhance the livelihood of our artist members through professional development, mentoring, brandscaping, education and exhibitions.

If you would prefer to complete your Membership by mail or email rather than online, please complete and print Downloadable Membership Form and mail with your check or credit card information to LPAPA, P.O. Box 4109, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 or email with credit card information to info@lpapa.org.

Please Note:  Artist Memberships are based on a calendar year.
However, due to our annual membership drive at the Plein Air Convention,
New Artist Memberships extend through April 30th of the next year *.
Supporter Memberships are renewed on anniversary date.
Signature Memberships renew January 1st each year.

*New Artist Memberships need to be renewed by April 30th of the following calendar year or
at the time of entry to first juried show of the following calendar year, whichever first occurs.