2016 Artists

LPAPA’s 9-day Painting Invitational features 35 nationally renowned plein air artists.  Original works of art created throughout the week will be exhibited and available for purchase at the Collectors Gala to be hosted at Tivoli Too on Friday October 14th.  The Art Show will continue, open to the public, on Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th. These 35 artists will be competing for more than $20,000 in award prizes, including the coveted $10,000 “Best in Show” award to be announced during Friday’s Collectors Gala.  The original artwork chosen for the special commemorative 2016 Art Catalogue, created exclusively for this event, will be exhibited and for sale at the Forest & Ocean Gallery.



Scott Lloyd Anderson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I love the honesty of painting outdoors from nature. It is the painter’s direct response to the day, to the sun, the weather, the air.”  Artist Bio



Suzie Baker

Suzie Baker
Shenandoah, Texas

“I endeavor for my paintings to communicate confidence in execution with a fresh, intuitive, spontaneous, quality.” Artist Bio



Cindy BaronCindy Baron
North Kingstown, Rhode Island

“My paintings reflect the beauty that is found in nature, if you take the time to study the colors around you.” Artist Bio



18th-Zufar_BikbovZufar Bikbov
Oakville, Connecticut

“Painting en plein air always was very special for me. And in every painting I create, I try to play an ode to the light.”  Artist Bio



Brenda BoylanBrenda Boylan
Beaverton, Oregon

“Sometimes I am overwhelmed by beauty that I struggle to harness these feelings, but I am drawn to do it as if breathing.”  Artist Bio




Hiu Lai Chong
Rockville, Maryland

“I’m often inspired by the people I meet, the history and culture I experience, and the beautiful nature we’re surrounded by.” Artist Bio



Bill DavidsonBill Davidson
Boulder, Colorado

“It is my intent to seize the viewer and hold their interest by allowing their own mind to explore the mystery, yet react to a sense of having known a sense of being there.”  Artist Bio



Rick J. DelantyRick J. Delanty
San Clemente, California

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find resources of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” –Rachel Carson Artist Bio



IMG_2028 800dpiGil Dellinger
Laguna Beach, California

“I love painting this coast! So many moods, so much magnificent color, such a variety of design possibilities.”  Artist Bio



Jennifer DiehlJennifer Diehl
Mt. Angel, Oregon

“Light shifts colors throughout a single day, changing entirely your perception and experience of the things around you.” Artist Bio





A_Erickson_headshot006Aimee Erickson
Portland, Oregon

“Color has emotional weight for me and is related to the shape of space. Drawing or painting, for me, means to look at the thing and transmit its vitality to the canvas.” Artist Bio



18th-Mike_HernandezMike Hernandez
Valencia, California

“As an artist I strive to find the beauty in the unexpected. I like to think of it as reconstructing all of the puzzle pieces of reality.”
Artist Bio



18th-Jane_HuntJane Hunt
Boulder, Colorado

“Even though I paint a lot of studies on location, my landscapes are actually less about describing a specific place than they are about the feelings evoked.” Artist Bio



18th-Charlie_HunterCharlie Hunter
Bellows Falls, Vermont

“Using water-mixable oils and a reductive technique based on 19th century tonalism but informed by modern reproduction processes, I relish the variety of textures mark-making can conjure.” Artist Bio



18th-Debra_HuseDebra Huse
Costa Mesa, California

“I strive to capture the beauty of the moment, the poetry of the atmosphere, and the notes of colorful light with the spontaneity and energy of a painter intrigued.”  Artist Bio



Shelby KeefeShelby Keefe
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Being an ala prima painter, I like to allow the paint to do the talking.”  Artist Bio




Paul KratterPaul Kratter
Moraga, California

“It’s still a thrill every time I go outside to paint.” Artist Bio




Peggi Kroll-RobertsPeggi Kroll-Roberts
Angels Camp, California

“’What do I want to say’, is the hardest question for an artist to answer.” Artist Bio




Greg LaRockGreg LaRock
Newport Beach, California

“Making it look realistic, yet having a loose, painterly feel is my ultimate goal in a successful painting.”  Artist Bio



John P Lasater IVJohn P. Lasater IV
Siloam Springs, Arkansas

“I make simple visual statements with my artwork, regardless of the subject matter. Simplicity is peaceful, and reinforces the blessing of our existence.”  Artist Bio



Calvin Liang

Calvin Liang
Corona, California

“An artist must paint the air.” Artist Bio




James McGrewJames McGrew
Lake Oswego, Oregon

“I want the viewer to feel the wind, moisture, sunshine of the elements and feel the excitement or relaxation I felt while painting on location.”  Artist Bio



Jim McVickerJim McVicker
Loleta, California

“I find plein air painting stimulating, challenging and a process that involves all the senses.” Artist Bio



Michael ObermeyerMichael Obermeyer
Laguna Beach, California

“As an illustrator, I’ve always created art to fit others needs. Painting, however, offers me the opportunity to create for myself, to allow others to see how I perceive life around me.”  Artist Bio



18th-Colin_PageColin Page
Camden, Maine

“Through painting, I share unexpected moments of beauty that I find in the space around me. Painting is how I share the poetry of experience.” Artist Bio



Camille PrzewodekCamille Przewodek
Petaluma, California

“Color that expresses the light key of nature can make any subject strikingly beautiful.” Artist Bio



Lori PutnamLori Putnam
Charlotte, Tennessee

“What interests me is rarely any specific subject unto itself. Color harmonies, rhythms, patterns, and my response to these elements excite me.” Artist Bio



April Raber

April Raber
Laguna Beach, CA

“For me, art is about seeing not only the obvious image, but interpreting its essence.” Artist Bio




Ray RobertsRay Roberts
Angels Camp, California

“When I paint, I don’t choose a scene, it chooses me.” Artist Bio




18th-Jason_SacranJason Sacran
Magazine, Arkansas

“I find myself painting the overlooked and simultaneously familiar aspects of everyday life – scenes we pass by but rarely take the time to fully consider.” Artist Bio



Anthony SalvoAnthony Salvo
Newport Beach, CA

“Plein Air Painting is the catalyst that motivated me to paint again. For me, it’s meeting the challenge of the quick decision of color and brush stroke.” Artist Bio



Jeff SewellJeff Sewell
Costa Mesa, California

“My dream days start with a surf in the morning and then spending the day with my feet in the sand painting seascapes and beach scenes.”  Artist Bio



Michael SituMichael Situ
Irvine, California

“I am passionate about painting light and color.” Artist Bio




18th-J_Ken_SpencerJ. Ken Spencer
Blackfoot, Idaho

“Art exists so that we may say the unsayable.” Artist Bio




Jim WodarkJim Wodark
Orange, California

“I want to inspire and be inspired through painting. To bring beauty into people’s lives. I have been blessed with a passion to create.” Artist Bio




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