2014 Artists

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16th Annual

“Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational”


Distinguished Guest Artists

We will be featuring two works of art previously created by each of our five distinguished guest artists that will be showcased and available for purchase during the Saturday Afternoon Collectors’ Soirée and Sunday exhibition.  Our guest artists will not be participating in the weeklong wet paint events nor prize competitions.


John Cosby14770_414338m

San Clemente, CA

“When a person stands in front of one of my paintings, I want that person to feel the wind and the heat I felt when I painted it.” – John Cosby

About the Artist


432_1277228orgKathleen Dunphy

Murphys, CA

“Ask anyone which artists are certain to be among the next generation of great plein air painters, and Californian Kathleen Dunphy’s name will be at the top of the list.”
-Steve Doherty, Plein Air Magazine     About the Artist


2410_1370736ssKim Lordier

Millbrae, CA

“There is nothing like the inner peace that comes from working from life, exploring the way the sun can transform an ordinary object into something stunning. I want you to see the beauty in what we pass by everyday, and acknowledge the importance of open space in our lives.” – Kim Lordier      About the Artist


JoePaquet-by-waterJoe Paquet

St. Paul, MN

Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of America, The Salmagundi Club and an Out-of-State Artist Member of the California Art Club.

About the Artist


1859_363535ssJesse Powell

Carmel by the Sea, CA

A third generation artist, Jesse’s love for art stemmed at an early age, mostly from the influence of his father, artist John Powell.

About the Artist



Invited Artists

Our eight day Invitational will feature 35 nationally renowned plein air artists.  The original works of art created throughout the week will be exhibited and available for purchase at the Afternoon Collectors’ Soirée and Sunday’s exhibition.  These 35 artists will be competing for more than $20,000 in prizes, including the coveted $10,000 Best In Show.


imgEAminEbrahim Amin

Laguna Beach, CA

San Clemente Plein Air, 2007-08, 1st Place Quick Draw (‘08)
Laguna Invitational, 2002-07, Best of Show (‘07), 2nd Place (’04 & ‘05)
Signature Member, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association
About the Artist 


KenphotoKen Auster

Laguna Beach, CA

“I simply want to achieve the ultimate communication on the canvas – to say more with less.”

About the Artist 



5234_113693ssJacobus Baas

Laguna Beach, CA

“I seek to expand my painting experience searching for scenes with a natural beauty that the viewer might miss in their rush through every day life. This could be as simple as the reflections in water of fishing boats tied to a dock, a wave breaking against the rocks or clouds floating across the sky.”   About the Artist


imageSuzie Baker

Shenandoah, TX

Suzie Baker is an award-winning artist with work held in public and private collections in the US and abroad. Her representational artwork is in a loose, expressive, alla-prima style with subject matter ranging from figurative to still life to landscape.    About the Artist 


HiuLaiPhotoHiu Lai Chong

Rockville, MD

“I enjoy using vivid colors and sensitive brush strokes to express mood and feeling in my paintings. I’m often inspired by the people I meet, the history and culture I experience, and the beautiful nature we’re surrounded by.”   About the Artist



joshclare_portraitJosh Clare

Queen Creek, AZ

“There have been times in my life when I have done more than merely look—times when I’ve seen. Those moments are sacred and precious to me, and I desire to share them. I want to see more clearly, I want to comprehend more fully—and I want to help others do the same. That’s why I paint.”   About the Artist


colombatto sunset 6 14Rick J. Delanty

San Clemente, CA

“My artworks are about the dynamic landscape. I believe that the phenomenal beauty and perfection of Creation–either on earth or in heaven–cannot be imitated. Instead, I seek to use creative design to connect the worldly with the universal. This is my seventh year in the Laguna Invitational.”    About the Artist


268006_10150299065849665_5340299_nMark Fehlman

San Diego, CA

“I love to paint from the life that surrounds me. I paint in an impressionistic style, marked by energetic brushwork, and use thick and thin layers of paint, patterns of light and dark, and a rich palette of colors to capture the moment.”
About the Artist


7182_430066lJeff Horn

Costa Mesa, CA

“I prefer to paint directly from nature and I love being outdoors where I can see, hear, feel, smell and even taste the scene around me. For me, the painting is a translation of nature and my experience of it. If I am successful, I take the viewer with me to feel the moment.”   About the Artist 


deb headshot 2010Debra Huse

Costa Mesa, CA

“I’ve been blessed with the talent of seeing and the passion for painting. Oil is such a luscious medium. Applying lots of paint – moving it around and carving out areas is fascinating.”
About the Artist  


1526476_475700145884584_729777995_nMark Kerckhoff

San Juan Capistrano, CA

2012 Best in Show , San Clemente Plein Air Painting Competition
2010 Best in Show, Plein Air Competition, San Luis Obispo Art Museum
2010 Glenna Hartmann Invitational, Santa Barbara, Artist Choice Award
About the Artist


TJK Frontal headshot_fullThomas Jefferson Kitts

Portland, OR

“I paint, therefore I am.”  (with apologies to Descarte)

About the Artist



Paul paintingPaul Kratter

Moraga, CA

“It’s still a thrill every time I go outside to paint. There’s always an internal clock ticking away that keeps me moving rapidly, making decisions and hopefully keeping my painting looking fresh.”
About the Artist


1511747_10203029164356774_1506378075_nPeggi Kroll-Roberts

Angels Camp, CA

California Art Club
Laguna Plein Aire Painters, Signature Member
American Impressionist Society, Master Signature Artist
About the Artist 


LaRockBWMugSquareGreg LaRock

Newport Beach, CA

Grand Prize: Easton Plein Air; LPAPA Invitational 2006, 2008-2013
Signature Member: LPAPA & American Society of Marine Artists
Artist Member: California Art Club
About the Artist 


3646_152712mJames McGrew

Lake Oswego, OR

“I use my art as a vehicle to communicate to a wider audience than I can via an interpretive naturalist program.  My goal is to inspire others to appreciate natural beauty to hopefully generate a sense of stewardship.”
About the Artist


_MG_5951Jim McVicker

Loleeta, CA

“At the age of 21, upon seeing nineteenth century French landscape paintings, I had an awakening to art. The beauty and sensitivity I saw in those works changed my perception of the world.”
About the Artist


DSC02934Clark Mitchell

Cotati, CA

“My love of color and appreciation for the natural world mesh delightfully when I have a stick of pastels or a brush loaded with oils in my hand and a ready surface before me awaiting pigment. The ensuing hours may bring success or further challenge. Either way, I’m blessed to be doing what I love most.”  About the Artist 


10868_1445059mNed Mueller

Renton, WA

Ned is a very accomplished and highly respected artist, having been drawing and painting for over 60 years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. He has participated in many of the major invitaitonal show in the country.  About the Artist 


14917_417414ssBillyo O’Donnell

Eureka, MO

“For more than two decades I’ve been intrigued by the way a painting’s surface and subject complement and compete in the viewer’s mind. In working plein air, I am excited by the way my visual experience translates into a surface language expressed through the richness of paint.”  About the Artist 


obermeyerheadshotMichael Obermeyer

Laguna Beach, CA

“As an illustrator, I created art to fit others needs. Painting, however, offers the opportunity to create for myself, to allow others to see how I perceive life around me, and to totally escape from the real world for awhile. I enjoy painting outdoors, working quickly. It keeps my paintings fresh and spontaneous.”  About the Artist 


RitaBiopic300x300:72dpiRita Pacheco

Carlsbad, CA

Best of Show, LPAPA “Best of Plein Air”, July 2013
1st Place, Carlsbad Oceanside Art League, May 2013
California Art Club 102nd Annual Gold Medal Exhibition, June 2013
About the Artist


head shot1Colin Page

Camden, ME

Colin Page does the majority of his work outside, working from life to capture the light and atmosphere of his subject matter. “Through painting, I share unexpected moments of beauty that I find in the space around me. Painting is how I share the poetry of experience.”    About the Artist 


photoScott W. Prior

Oceanside, CA

“Scott W. Prior CAC, relishes the immediate, take-it-as-it-is, gritty reality of contemporary genre. There is a muscular directness to his work, an honesty worthy of analogy to the turn-of-the-century Ash Can painters of New York such as George Luks, John Sloan and Robert Henri.” – Jean Stern    About the Artist 



Petaluma, CA

Signature member of the LPAPA, OPA, & American Impressionism Society
Artist member of the CAC; Laguna Invitational: 2000-06, 2008, 2010, 2012-13
Plein Air Easton: 2011 Grand Prize, 2008 and 2009 Vanishing Landscape Award
About the Artist 


1966731_10203389690449701_212728344_nLori Putnam

Franklin, TN

“It is much less about the actual subject itself, and more about color harmonies, rhythms, patterns, and shapes. As a modern American Impressionist, I capture the expression of a person, the feeling of a place, or the effect of light.”
About the Artist 


April RaberApril Raber

Laguna Beach, CA

“My mind is always at work painting – even when I am not.  I consider where light falls, the division of space, and most of all, the atmosphere. I infuse the paint with life as I feel it. “
About the Artist


10013936_761470403871400_1588446705_nRay Roberts

Angels Camp, CA

Signature Member – LPAPA, PAPA, CAC
2011- Best of Show- Laguna Plein Air Invitational
2011- Best of Show- Maynard Dixon Country Invitational
About the Artist


sewellJeff Sewell

Costa Mesa, CA

LPAPA Signature Member; CAC Artist Member
Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational – 2009-2013
Collectors Choice Award, Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational – 2011
About the Artist


Homepage_portraitRandall Sexton

Vallejo, CA

“My concerns as an artist have always been rather straight forward. The discipline of direct painting, both in the plein air experience and in the studio, has helped me to develop a loose handling of paint that speaks as much about the paint itself as it does any given subject matter”.  About the Artist 


John Brandon SillsJohn Brandon Sills

Cockeysville, MD

2014 Plein Air Easton Grand Prize winner.
“Art is the external expression of an internal vision. To demonstrate this awareness, instead of painting light on things, I paint the light that becomes things.”  About the Artist



Michael Situ

Laguna Beach, CA

“Seascape Award of Excellence”- OPA National Juried Exhibition, 2014
“Award of Excellence” – Plein Air Master Invitational, 2013
“First Place” – Carmel Art Festival, 2012
Signature Member:  LPAPA, OPA, CAC,  AIS    About the Artist 


26786_940516mW. Jason Situ

El Monte, CA

Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitation Competition 1999-2013
CAC Gold Medal Show 1998-2013; Segil Fine Art One Man Show 2005 – 2011
Signature Member: LPAPA, CAC, OPA
About the Artist 


bryanforPAMBryan Mark Taylor

Lafayette, CA

An accomplished landscape and cityscape painter, Bryan has won numerous top awards at the nation’s most prestigious plein air invitationals and his work has been shown in museums across the west. He has lectured and taught courses around the country.  About the Artist


Jim Portrait webJim Wodark

Orange, CA

“I paint to express myself. I feel compelled to share the inspiration that I feel when I see a beautiful scene, to be inspired and inspire in return. I want to translate the beauty around me — a fleeting moment — into something permanent and timeless that brings those same feelings to life for each viewer.”   About the Artist 


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